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How Does Matchmaking Work in Fortnite?

Source: Epic Games

Whether you are new to Fortnite or a veteran, the discussion around Fortnite’s matchmaking system has probably drawn you in. To sum it up, Epic decided to apply the matchmaking system used in the Arena game mode to every mode in the game. This is called Skill Based Matchmaking. Additionally, they added bots to help new players grow in skill. The results received very mixed reviews from the player base. So, let's dive into how this works.

Is Skill-Based Matchmaking in Fortnite?

Yes. Skill Based Matchmaking is active for every game mode in Fortnite. How this matchmaking system works is it accounts for a player’s skill by tracking certain stats.

Then it matches that player with other players of equal skill and, depending on the game mode, with the appropriate number of bots. The lower the skill level of the player the more bots they will have in the lobby.

The stats that the matchmaking system tracks to determine skill level change depending on the mode you play in. We will cover how this system accounts for squads (duos/trios), different platforms, and the main three game modes Arena, Zero Build, and Battle Royale.


In-game screenshot

Initially, the skill-based matchmaking system would matchmake based on the leader of the squad’s stats for duos or trios. Then it was changed for a time to be based on the average skill of all party members. Currently, it seems to be rotating between these two ways of matchmaking.


Fortnite is a multi-platform game that allows for cross-play. Since the game is considered to be, in general, easiest on PC and hardest on Switch, Epic Games allows a fixed number of players from each platform for the different tiers of play. For example, a low number of PC players are allowed in low-skill level lobbies, whereas higher-skill lobbies consist of a majority of PC players.

This means that if you play on Switch, the matchmaking system is more likely to put you in lower-skill lobbies because those have a higher fixed number of Switch players allowed. If you are on a PC, you are more likely to be moved to a higher-skill lobby.  


If you are looking to avoid the bots and test yourself against real players of equal skill, the Arena is the place for you. Nothing much has changed in regards to the matchmaking system here.

The system match makes players based on the amount of hype they’ve earned and the league/division that they are in. If you’d like to know more about how the ranks in Arena work, ,our article on Fortnite ranks explains it in detail.

Zero build

In-game screenshot

Classic FPS players rejoiced when the Zero Build mode came into Fortnite. In this mode, the matchmaking system mostly tracks eliminations and placement (meaning what place you finish in the match). This mode also includes bots so that newer players can get better at the game without having to play against pros. The higher you place and the more eliminations you get the fewer bots you will have in your game.

Skill level

Low – 75 bots (minimum # of PC players allowed)

Medium – 35 to 65 bots (10 or so PC players allowed)

High – 15 to 20 bots (up to 50 PC players allowed)

Battle Royale

In the Battle Royale mode (the one with building allowed), the matchmaking system still tracks eliminations and placement. Similar to Zero Build this game mode also includes bots with the same tiers as explained above.

However, in Battle Royale, the amount of building you do is weighted very heavily by the matchmaking system. If you do a fair amount of building and still place decently, you will quickly be moved to lobbies with a higher skill level. So, build with caution!!

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