Esports training Camps.

Join a camp or start your own with our flexible esports camp solution. We offer camp options for schools and orgs, as well as individual gamers in the top esports titles.


Whether you are a gamer, school administrator, teacher, or parent, we are here to help you find the best camp solution for you. Our camp offering is extremely flexible, allowing you many different options.

Register for a camp.

Register as an organization or an individual for our esports camps. Schools and other organizations are able to choose from Vanta's standard camps or elect to create their own.


Get Scheduled on your time.

You will be contacted by our team after registering. Organizations will meet with our team to discuss the details of your camp in order to give you the best experience. Gamers will be scheduled directly in our platform.


Step your game up.

Use a camp to develop the consistency you need to improve at the top esports titles. Our esports coaches teach a holistic development program focusing on in-game skills, communication, general wellness, and other competencies.

Esports Camp pricing.

For Individual Gamers.

$180/1 week

Many options to choose from including spring break and summer camps

Coaches in the most popular games

Learn from the best gamers - our coaches are ranked in the top 10% of their respective games

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For Organizations.

$799/1 week

Camp for as many gamers as you want

10 hours of expert coaching

Flexible scheduling to fit your organization's needs


From beginners to experts.

Our camps are all inclusive. No matter what level you or your gamers are currently competing at, we have the right camp for you. Whether prepping to improve for collegiate esports or gaming just for fun, a Vanta esports camp can get you where you want to go.

Introducing esports camps.

Esports camps are a fun and immersive way for gamers of all ages to improve their skills and further explore the world of competitive gaming. With experienced coaches and interactive activities, our camps provide a safe and energizing environment for participants to strive for excellence and achieve their full potential.

Develop Your Skills.

Level up your esports skills and take your gaming to the next level with esports camps. Learn from experienced coaches, meet new friends, and challenge yourself with a variety of activities that’ll make you a better gamer. Our camps provide a unique and exciting way to improve your abilities and build long-lasting relationships with like-minded people.

Experience Esports in a New Way.

Experience esports in a whole new way with esports camps. Our camps offer an immersive environment to explore competitive gaming and push your skills to their limits. Meet new people, make lasting connections, and take your gaming to a whole new level. With esports camps, the possibilities are endless!

FULLy developed
camp curriculums.

Our esports development camps include a holistic development program. Gamers will have the opportunity to work on in-game and personal skills through a consistent weekly routine. Each camp will include some very helpful skill development exercises to make sure gamers level up their game in a major way.

Pre-session Huddle.

A great time for coaches to build relationships
with players, rally the team, discuss focus areas and
goal of the session.

VOD Reviews.

Video reviews from previous sessions or even
leveraging footage from pros.

Warm up drills.

Players “get loose” with drills, creative maps, or training
packs. Also includes wellness activities such as stretching an mindfulness.


Delve into more competitive game environments,
oftentimes focusing on specific in-game scenarios.

Continuous improvement.

While not required, homework is encouraged and
coaches often provide “assignments” for the gamers to work on in their spare time.

Post-Practice Review.

After action review led by the coach to get a sense of
what went well (or not well), gather feedback from the
players, and include focused 1-on-1’s with gamers.

LET’S take esports
to the next level.