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Scholastic Esports in 2024

This post talks about the state of Scholastic Esports in 2024, looking back at the past year, and forwards towards the future!

Another year and it’s already shaping up to be one of the best for Scholastic esports. 2023 saw the scene garner more attention than ever before, highlighting the power of grassroots initiatives, and showing that the demand for in-person events is higher than ever.

With more middle and high schools taking the plunge and starting esports clubs and varsity programs, we’re seeing more and more demand for places to compete, and opportunities for students to showcase their skills.

For educators, esports is fast becoming a way to connect with a demographic of students who previously didn’t engage in extracurricular activities. For students competing on the Vanta platform, 50% had never participated in an extracurricular before competing in our leagues. For students who don’t have an interest in traditional sports, music or theater — esports is offering an outlet to make meaningful connections at school. 

When asked about his experience competing in the finals of the Fall Season for the Texas Esports League, Treylon, a player from Stafford High School had this to say:

“I don’t play sports at home or at school, I’m not on any team sports except for esports. So that experience of being on a team and being able to compete at a higher level than what you normally do, has pushed me to become better.”

This drive to become better has shown to be a strong motivator for students, increasing attendance, grades, and overall school participation. Knowing that there is a potential for pursuing their passion at the collegiate level has only strengthened that drive. Events like the Hawai’i Esports Invitational, showcasing both high school and collegiate talent, demonstrate that the pipeline is alive and well, and the hunt for skilled players is only growing fiercer.

While grades will always be the primary determining factor in admission, esports has become a very real path forward for students looking to pursue their post-secondary education, with dozens of schools across the country offering esports scholarship programs.  

More than ever scholastic leagues are filling a void in existing after school programs, and bringing a whole new generation of students into the thrill of competition.

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