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What Schools Need to Know About Rocket League

It is hard to find a game suitable for children of all ages. Rocket League, however, is that game. It lacks violence whatsoever and is, quite literally, soccer but with cars.

In teams of two, threes, or four, these car driving players aim through teamwork, strategy, and skill to score a goal on the other team. Rocket League has become an entry-level game for many children as it is intuitive to learn and completely free to play.

In Rocket League Children Can Play Against Bots

Another good thing that makes this game one of the best entry-level games for children is that the artificial intelligence players are quite good. That means children can play against non-human bots first, to learn the controls. Yet, they will still feel challenged and engaged.

In most games, there are physics: how items move in the world in relation to the players interaction to them. Is it realistic to use a rocket powered car to hit a twenty foot metal ball across a field, no. But it is a novel interaction that kids love. Not hit of the ball ever feels the same.

The joy of rocket league comes from identifying a method for ball control and teamwork that results in a win.

Rocket League Can Be Played Professionally

Despite its simplicity, this game is an esport. There are active tournaments of it being played all over the world. Some of these tournaments reach very high prize pools. A good example of this is the 2022 RLCS (,Rocket League Championship Series) which had a $6,000,000 prize.

And 16 teams from all over the world compete for this big prize pool. It is pretty much like the soccer Mundial but with cars. And anyone, given they are good enough, could form a team and play.

But aside from the world championship, there are dozens of other events both lan and online, that carry large prize pools, and players can join if they have a competitive team.

Rocket League Can Land You a Scholarship

There are more than 200 universities in the United States granting Rocket League related scholarships, totaling more than 10 million dollars. Among other games, Rocket League is recognized as one of the team games that develop skills and qualities cherished by high education such as:

  • Soft Social skills
  • Character Development
  • Improved Academic Results
  • STEM Engagement
  • Eye-to-hand coordination
  • Moral Judgment

The majority of high schools that have esports leagues implemented in their curriculum, have the game on their list. After all, it was released in 2015, and the majority of the current high school students have grown up playing the same game. For that reason, it is also good to be implemented in Elementary and Middle schools. It is appropriate for everyone since there is no violence to it.

Is Rocket League Popular Outside of Schools?

Since 2021, Rocket League has accumulated ,more than 90 million players. The game is super popular among all group ages and platforms. Aside from being available for personal computers (PC gaming), the game is also on gaming consoles like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

A couple of years after the release of the game support came for Linux and MacOS operational systems, removing the limits from the game being played only on Microsoft Windows on computers.

Cross-platform play also became available in 2016, giving a huge boost to the game’s player base and popularity. In 2021, the company behind the game released a mobile version of the game, but in 2d, children can play on their phones.

Do Children Need Esport Leagues and Coaches in Rocket League?

If a child is mature enough, they can compete and improve at a game without the need for a coach or a league to join, however, this is rarely the case. And even if they are, everyone learns much quicker with a teacher.

Imagine instead of going to school, learning at home by yourself. You would often get distracted and never streamline the knowledge learning process. The expert coaches at Vanta Leagues focus not only on the development of in-game individual skills of the children but also have a holistic approach.

That means, we also focus on the development of the ,child’s real-world skills like empathy, communication, leadership, social skills, emotional balance, and mental wellness. We also greatly cherish physical fitness and a good night's sleep.

Having a professional coach work with your child would provide a safe environment for them to learn the basics and know how to protect themselves in an online environment from harm which could come in the form of cyberbullying or trolling.

What Computer Do You Need For Rocket Leagues?

Rocket leagues is already a 7-year old game and never has been a benchmark for great graphics. Similar games rely on gameplay and mechanics more than performance and graphics, and for that reason, the minimum computer specifications needed to run the game are quite low.

As you can see in the table above, Rocket league can even be played on a not-so-powerful laptop with an integrated graphics card, which is another reason why the game is suitable for first-time gamers, it doesn’t require much of an investment in terms of technology and equipment. Read the full specifications guide on ,rocket league’s website.


Rocket League is a fun game to play. Undoubtedly, it has proven itself over the past few years as one of the biggest names both in esports and in casual play. With relatively low system requirements and no violence included, this soccer and rocket cars masterpiece of a combination has become among the best entry-level games for children and teens.

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