Enroll your school in the top free-to-compete Texas Esports League for high school and middle schools. Choose from top esports titles and get ready for an action-packed fall season filled with excitement, camaraderie, and epic victories!

Spring SEASON registration now open!
Vanta is the official esports platform and esports coaching sponsor of the UIL


accessible esports competition for texas schools

Texas High School Esports.

Start an esports team at your high school and compete in our free leagues and competitions across all the top esports titles. Whether your gamers are beginners or looking to get a college scholarship, we have the right level of competition for them.

Texas Middle School Esports.

Make esports a valuable part of your students’ middle school lives. With a structured esports program you can give your gamers the foundation they need to excel not only as gamers but also as individuals.


With two full seasons, the Texas Esports League provides year round competition to engage your students across top esports titles and compete for a championship.


Texas Middle School Fall Classic
Texas High School Fall Classic


Texas Middle School Spring Classic
Texas High School Spring Classic

Safe, free, structured esports leagues.

It's free to compete. All you need to do is create an account and leverage the Vanta platform to invite your gamers, sign up for leagues, schedule practices and even go further with coaching. Our inclusive Texas state leagues and esports platform enable you to build a structured, sustainable esports program for your school that will stick around for years to come.

Seasonal Esports Competition.

We offer seasons in the Fall and Spring to align with traditional school semesters. Each esports season is 12 weeks long. During the summer there are options for summer camps and other specialized esports activities.

Expert Esports Coaching.

Let your gamers learn from the best of the best. Vanta coaches are at the top of their game (top 10% in the U.S.) and are trained at our Vanta Academy, where we turn the best gamers into the best coaches. The Academy keeps standards high and our coaches are continuously trained and supported to be the best they can be.


You can set up a team for any of our esports games, and compete for free. With a full range of the top esports titles, we make is easy for you to offer a program suitable for a wide range of student interests, styles and ages.

reap the benefits of a structured,
safe, coached esports experience

Building a sustainable esports program enables young gamers to do what they love and develop important real-world skills like teamwork, communication, and critical thinking.


Gamers build character through practice, competition and experiencing challenges and failures.


Grow your community through the inclusiveness and accessibility of esports


Technology is entrenched in esports and allows gamers to practice and develop STEM skills

S.E.L. Skill

Developed by former professional athletes (traditional sports and esports), elite coaches and players, education experts and school administrators, our programming is focused on holistic player development

Learn Valuable
Job Skills

The esports industry is creating a plethora of job opportunities. Gamers who participate in esports will be exposed to, and learn, relevant skills like streaming, production, marketing, and more


Ready to bring esports to your texas school or organization?