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The 8 Transferable Skills All Teachers Have

The 8 Transferable Skills All Teachers Have…

The transferable skills are beneficial qualities that can apply to a multitude of projects in classrooms as well as other careers. They are skills that are developed and refined over time that provide a strong foundation for any teacher’s future endeavors. 

In the following article, you’ll be introduced to eight examples of transferable skills, how they apply to teaching, and the many ways they can benefit teachers and their students:

  • What are transferable skills
  • Eight examples of the transferable skills in teaching
  • Why are transferable skills important for teachers to have 

First off… What are transferable skills and why do they matter?

Transferable skills are skill sets that can apply in any setting. Specifically in teaching, transferable skills are characteristics of successful educators. They show that teachers possess qualities that extend far beyond the classroom and therefore, can be of great benefit to students and colleagues. If you think about the best teacher you’ve ever had in your life, what made them so great? Was it just the knowledge of what they were teaching? Or was it them taking extra steps to help you enjoy the class? If you choose the latter, your teacher probably exemplified some transferable skills. Teachers that master these skills tend to be more approachable, more empathic, and more able lead a successful classroom or thrive when switching to other careers. There are countless transferable skills but today we will be focusing on eight core transferable skills of teachers. 

Eight transferable skills of teachers:

The core skills that stretch far beyond teaching are listed below. Some should be fairly recognizable while others you may not expect. One of the greatest benefits of teaching is the variety of skills that teachers will have developed just by being teachers. 

  1. Instructing and Presenting

This probably seems obvious but the cornerstone of any teacher is being able to present knowledge clearly and concisely, however, instructing and presenting goes far beyond that. This is a skill that benefits any job in any career field. Getting your point across in a direct but understandable way is crucial in any office, at any job site, and of course in any classroom. Without this skill, it would be easy for information you trying to pass on to fall to the wayside. 

  1. Multitasking 

Everyone knows that teachers are the masters of multitasking. Running a classroom, making lesson plans, giving attention to each student, and more is not a simple task. That’s part of what makes being a teacher so hard at times, but this skill is incremental for success in other careers. After successfully mastering a classroom, teachers should be able to take on multiple projects at ease.

  1. Organization 

Organization is a skill that benefits any professional. Without this skill, any job would be in utter chaos. That is why it’s so important that teachers possess it. If a classroom or project is out of order then it makes the end result so much harder to achieve. Whether it’s educating students about Ancient Egypt or preparing spreadsheets for clients, without organization the process is nearly impossible.

  1. Decision-making 

The ability to make decisions can be hard to master. It takes confidence, aptitude, and attention to detail. In teaching, making the right decision of what to teach and how to teach it affects a students educational future. This skill is necessary in every career and luckily, it is a quality that every teacher should have equipped in their array of skills. 

  1. Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional intelligence does not exist just to serve in the workspace, but in every aspect of life. Those who have exceptional emotional intelligence are able to successfully navigate their relationships, whether they be personal, transactional, or educational. Emotional intelligence is what makes a teacher approachable. It encourages healthy communication and interactions between any teacher with whom they are speaking. 

  1. Adaptability 

There will always be times when things just don’t go the way they are supposed to. Every teacher knows that. It’s an unfortunate occurrence that most of us are never prepared for. Thankfully, teachers are well versed in handling these situations. Most teachers have back-up plans in place and that preparation can be applied to many different settings.

  1. Collaboration 

At some point, every teacher has faced some sort of nemesis. Whether it be a problem child, a disgruntled parent, or a difficult colleague, effective teachers are able to navigate these situations with ease and patience. Collaboration is an important skill to possess because you’ll face these situations in every job setting and the ability to work together can make or break your place in that position. 

  1. Self-motivation

Perhaps one of the most important transferable skills a teacher can possess, self-motivation can be the difference between being good at your job and being great at your job. Teaching is a hard job and without being able to self-motivate, most teachers would fail. That’s what makes this transferable skill so special. It is a skill that many lack. If you can’t master this skill as a teacher, it isn’t likely you’ll get it down anywhere else. 

In conclusion, the key to being a successful educator is having this multitude of skills in your arsenal for any situation and in any career. A teacher must have more than just knowledge of their subject to make a positive impact in their classroom and beyond. These skills form a foundation for success at any job in any career field. However, these skills are always able to be improved upon. Success in transferable skills means always working towards bettering yourself and refining these skills. 

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