we beliEve in
gamers of character.

Being a part of a team, learning how to win and lose well, how to stand in our power and show up for each other. That’s what traditional sports brings to the table and we integrate those principles into our esports curriculum, platform and leagues to help kids from 8-18 grow into the best version of themselves. With Vanta they become inspiring athletes and model citizens who can positively impact the gaming world and become future leaders.

change the gaming world for good.

We are a group of parents and gamers who founded Vanta as a direct response to one of our sons experiencing cyberbullying. Our mission is to build a safe and inclusive community where everyone can be themselves and thrive from a sense of belonging.


Just as with traditional sports, the success of Vanta is as much to do with the social development of our youth participants as the excitement of playing the games. We’re hugely passionate about, and pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching and the mentorship that we offer kids through Vanta - not only seeing increased and faster skill development but more engagement, better social skills and greater self-confidence in a team and individual environment.

Inspiring our gamers to grow and reach their maximum potential through our guidance is what we're all about.

Vanta TEAM


Patrick Cronin

Favorite Game: 
Civilization VI

Zack Fabi

Favorite Game: 
League of Legends

James Roche

Favorite Game: 
Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Ed Lallier

Favorite Game: 
Crusader Kings 2

Rodrigo Boniatti

Director of Engineering
Favorite Game: 
Rock & Roll Racing

Allison Holder

Director of Customer Experience
Favorite Game: 
Super Mario Bros.

Nicki Zachary

Coaching and League Operations Manager
Favorite Game: 
Final Fantasy XIV

Vinícius Almeida

Software Engineer
Favorite Game: 
Sonic the Hedgehog

Matias Leidemer

Software Engineer
Favorite Game: 

Celine Charitat

Marketing Manager
Favorite Game: 
Pokemon Unite

Daniel Brumbaugh

Business Development Representative
Favorite Game: 
Super Smash Bros. 64

Quentin Keller

Customer Success Associate
Favorite Game: 
Call of Duty

Justice Lee

Coach Trainer and Game Curriculum
Favorite Game: 

Sai Kasemsamran

Moderation Team Manager
Favorite Game: