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Top 10 Resources to Use to Improve at League of Legends

League of Legends is undoubtedly a complex game. With so many factors to keep track of, it can be difficult to learn and master with just brute force alone. Here, we’ll provide 10 useful resources for you to streamline your improvement journey. 

Group 1: The Fundamentals

These websites will help you learn the basic fundamentals of the game.

1- League of Legends Champion Spotlight

Source: League of Legends Wiki

For those just starting out on League of Legends, it can be overwhelming seeing more than 160 champions with unique abilities. The most digestible way to understand and visualize champion abilities is with the LoL Champion Spotlight. Each video contains explanations and uses for each champion’s ability, plus a short explanation of their strengths and weaknesses.

2- Mobafire

Source: Mobafire

Once you’ve watched the champion spotlight for your favorite champions, you may be wondering how the best players play these champions. Mobafire contains player-made guides that include much more detailed explanations about how that champion should be played and itemized. It often also includes champion combos, matchup explanations and how to play them in the early, mid and late game. 

3 - League of Legends Wiki

Source: League of Legends Wiki

For an encyclopedia of champion abilities, runes, items and everything in between, the League of Legends Wiki is your best bet. It includes detailed descriptions of every basic rune, item, summoner spell, unit and ability in the game. It also houses all previous patch notes as well.

Group 2: Improvement

These websites and apps will streamline your improvement journey with crucial information.

4 - op.gg

Source: op.gg

An ever-changing game comes with an ever-changing meta. Items and builds come and go as they get buffed and nerfed, and op.gg provides you with the best items for any given patch, based on thousands of recorded games. You can also look up players during champ select and during the loading screen to see statistics such as win rate, current rank and games with their chosen champion.

5 - LolDodgeGame

Source: LolDodgeGame

LoL Dodge Game is a browser game that lets you practice isolated skills such as dodging, farming and hitting skillshots within your browser. With a score attached to your performance, it provides you with a fantastic way to track your improvement in micro mechanics as it’s essentially a 1-to-1 replication of mechanics you’ll execute in game.

6 - Broken By Concept

Source: Broken By Concept

Broken By Concept is a YouTube channel that uploads weekly League of Legends podcasts. Led by challenger ex-pros Nathan and Curtis, they seek to help listeners establish a healthy relationship with the game by encouraging a replicable process to improve. Much of their podcasts discuss the psychological aspects of League of Legends, revolving around the theme of having a productive mindset when playing ranked.

7- Vanta.gg

Source: Vanta.gg

This post wouldn’t be complete without talking about Vanta. As a coaching service, we offer both team and individual coaching that can accelerate your improvement journey. Led by coaches who are vetted and trained extensively, they possess the knowledge and skills to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with a personalized plan to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. If you’re interested in personalized coaching, check out our private coaching and team coaching features for yourself!

8 - Insights.gg

Source: Insights.gg

With VOD reviewing being such an important part of improvement, Insights.gg makes this easy by automatically recording games from your perspective. Not only does it bookmark kills, deaths and assists, but it also has a note function where you can write specific notes at specific times of the VOD, allowing you to go back to it another day to see what play/mistake the note corresponded to.

Group 3: Useful Apps

These desktop apps will help you keep track of important factors within the game.

9 - Blitz.gg

Source: Blitz.gg

Blitz.gg is a desktop app that streamlines builds for you. It can automatically set the best summoner spells for your champion, show you the best runes, ability skill order and items, all integrated within the game, so you don’t have to alt-tab into a browser. You also have the option to turn on jungle timers on your minimap, as well as to see the stats of your allies and opponents on the loading screen.

10 - LeagueTracker

Source: LeagueTracker

A simple yet difficult skill is to track enemy summoner spell cooldowns. With LeagueTracker, you can click on an enemy’s summoner spell on your tab screen when they use a summoner, and it will automatically set a timer for when the summoner spell comes off-cooldown. As a bonus, it can also track summoner spells and active items as well.

No matter how many resources you use, always remember that the best way to improve will always be your positive attitude and passion to improve!

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