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Help Your Child Excel at What They Love With Esports Coaching

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It’s been more than 70 years since the first electronic devices, the forerunners of video games, became popularized. We’ve come a long way from there. Naturally, each year video games become more and more varied. There is a play style out there for everyone.

Millions of children and adults across the world enjoy an occasional game with friends. Video games have become a way to ,socialize with friends, ignoring long distances. Some people want to improve at the game to beat their friends, while others are aiming to make a career out of esports and become either a panelist, talent, or professional player.

How Can Someone Become a Professional Video Games Player?

Of course, those who start young have the most realistic chance of becoming big in esports. This is also true in traditional sports. For example, high school athletes often aim for college play, then, professional aspirations.

To compete at the top level in esports, dedication, skill, and ability to persevere at a competitive level are necessary. As esports grows, so too do the resources for students interested in making their passion for play a career.

Esport leagues, like our youth leagues at Vanta, greatly improve students interest, skillsets, and commitments to games as a way to build their future.

To improve alone in a complex video game like League of Legends or DotA can be very difficult for a child. Imagine telling a kid to train to be an NFL defensive lineman in the backyard by themselves.

,Improving in video games requires analytical skills and experience. For non-competitive players, these skills do develop with age.  However, a youth league can tailor coaching and play styles to help accelerate this growth in a game of choice.

Becoming a pro player in a game almost always follows the same steps:

  1. Develop skills and strategies in a game.
  3. Acquire social-emotional skills that allow you to be an effective teammate.
  5. Identify a mentor who will prepare you for progressively higher competitive levels.
  7. Start searching for a team or agent.
  9. Try out certain line-ups.

In some cases, very rarely, is this sequence of steps skipped. This can usually happen if an entire team of friends gathers and shows amazing game qualities. This is the dream of getting paid handsomely to play with your friends.

What Does a Child Need to Learn to Become Good at a Video Game?

Every second matters in competitive gaming. Making one mistake could cost you the game. For that reason, every aspect of the game must be trained. Before a game starts, the strategy must be visualized in one’s mind as a clear path toward victory. Each match is different and requires a different approach.

Having no approach in mind means failure. Learning the strategies of each game requires a tremendous amount of time when researching on one’s own. For that reason, esport leagues like Vanta, recommend working with experienced coaches, who have already reached the highest competitive ranks in the said video game.

Learning Game Mechanics

Knowing strategy comes with years of experience but sometimes a coach can share it within days or weeks with the student. Game mechanics, however, require a lot of practice. To execute a certain strategy, the player must have amazing eye-to-hand coordination and act in a matter of split seconds.

Aside from game mechanics, there are a thousand words that are relevant only to the, game terminology that the child needs to understand.

Team Play is Key

The entire team needs to be on the same page. That requires the team to have a leader and others to be ready to follow. In some complex situations, the leader changes in-game. For example, some teams take the approach to let the most powerful player in certain moments of the game take the lead. But, other times, you need a supportive role player to guide you through challenges.

That means a versatile player must both be a good captain and a good follower. In order to achieve a high level of team play, not only is it needed to spend a lot of time with certain players but to understand them and be friends with them.

Children’s esports leagues do exactly that. They bring children together, which could later create a team.

Game Awareness and Sense

Much like in meditation one needs to be aware of their breath and surroundings, in video games in order to achieve the most optimal setup and actions, the player must entirely focus on the game. That allows children to foster immense focus in and outside of the game world.

There are various exercises for each game that coaches know and use with children in order to improve their attention span, for them not to distract and stay strictly on task.

What Can You Do To Help Your Child Get Better

Professional gaming coaches and esport leagues teach your child healthy habits of how to control the urge to play. It isn’t productive to be glued to a screen for the entire day, instead, it should be treated like everything else. ,Moderate amounts are the healthiest and give the biggest benefits.

Moreover, children often look up to their parents to seek role models. Showing interest in their games and learning encourages them to continue.

Check out our blog for excellent resources on esports games, how esports impacts education, and other advice pieces for teachers and parents.

Final Words

Professional one-on-one video gaming coaches can sometimes be expensive. Luckily, there are youth esports leagues like Vanta who have already hired some of the best coaches out there in children’s favorite games like League of Legends, Rocket League, Valorant, Apex Legends, and many others.

Participating in youth esport leagues at school can also greatly lower the cost and increase the quality of your child’s esports education. Aside from greatly enhancing skills and qualities like reflexes, spatial thinking, strategy, and eye-to-hand coordination, your child would also improve their social and leadership skills.

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