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Vanta was built with gamer safety top of mind. Our platform and policies were designed to create a safe and trusted space for learning and development

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How it works 

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Build Your Team

Spread the word, invite your gamers onto our kid-safe platform, assemble as many teams as you want, sign up for leagues, get the best esports coaches

Compete, Have Fun

Game virtually or in-person. Compete with with the top esports titles. Engage with teams across the United States or within your own league or conference

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Reap the benefits of a structured, safe, coached
esports experience

Building a sustainable esports program enables young gamers to do what they love and develop important real-world skills like teamwork, communication, and critical thinking.


Gamers build character through practice, competition and experiencing challenges and failures

S.E.L. Skill

By participating on an esports team, gamers learn leadership, discipline, work ethic, collaboration, and other important aspects of social-emotional learning


Grow your community through the inclusiveness and accessibility of esports

Learn Valuable
Job Skills

The esports industry is creating a plethora of job opportunities. Gamers who participate in esports will be exposed to, and learn, relevant skills like streaming, production, marketing, and more


Technology is entrenched in esports and allows gamers to practice and develop STEM skills

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