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Why is Esports in Schools So Important?

We live in an age where children aren't outside climbing on monkey bars or playing tag every day by the park. We live in a modernized and technological age in which kids choose to connect and spend their free time online. Times change and they change faster than the world knows it.

And it's essential for parents and educational teachers to realize how to adapt to the world's generation and technological climate. Games are everywhere, as are esports.

Whether kids decide to sit down and thumb through a couple of mobile apps on their phones, or to play some casual competitive games on a computer, games are everywhere. It is important to understand the potential impact that gaming and esports could have on young people's lives, in order to learn from and create proactive gaming experiences.

Why Esports in Schools is Important

The term "scholastic esports" is relatively new and it's only been trending in the past couple of years. It's grown insanely and shows how beneficial playing esports is.

Multiple studies from recognized universities and professors show how impactful esports can be for the development of children.

Source: QUT Esports

In ,Vanta League's blog about the relationship between sports and esports, multiple research studies show how both industries have small differences. Additionally, esports can be just as great as traditional sports as an enriching activity for young individuals.

For example, action and first-person shooter titles would see individuals having a 58% increase in perceiving fine differences in contrast. Also, action-based games improve reaction and decision making speed by 25% of an average person's.

The list of cerebral benefits esports poses on youth goes on and on. One of the more interesting aspects of many children nowadays is how attached they are to their mobile and computer screens. Funnily, other studies actually show ,how screen time can have a positive developmental impact on youth.

Source: XBOX | Minecraft

Screen time translates to time spent using digital accessories such as phones or computers. Games like Fortnite and Minecraft are becoming increasingly popular with kids. While some people worry that gaming might be harmful, there is evidence that playing these games can actually help develop digital literacy skills. Implementing proactive gaming activities with assessments afterward might be a good way to kickstart a young person’s digital literacy journey.

Of course, everything's to be taken in moderation. But it is important to acknowledge the benefits gaming and esports.

Source: Queensland University of Technology

Suppose esports in school were integrated as an activity replacing some traditional sports events. In that case, it could boost cognitive brain functions and a long list of key skills like leadership and teamwork.

A research study by The University of Toronto shows that action games improve the general motor skills of the players. It also showed an increase in brain development, leading to greater density and improved cerebral functioning."

Research done by the ,Pew Research Center shows that "seventy percent of college students reported playing video, computer or online games at least once in a while. Some sixty-five percent of college students reported being regular or occasional game players."

Since it is typically so hard to engage kids in education, learning through esports and games may be a great way to get these students interested in their education. Gamified learning is a fun and unique angle that most youth wouldn't turn away from.

Organizations like Vanta Leagues are providing esports programs for schools and communities to help youth develop through interactive and educational esports curricula.

How Esports in Schools Develops Careers for the Youth

With esports and games in schools cultivating youth's minds and educational paths, it opens up a vast range of career plans. And now, since the esports industry is growing so quickly, the range of job options in the space is growing rapidly.

Nowadays, there's always a profession needed across esports and gaming. There are many different career paths you can take in the world of esports, including writing, voice acting, coaching, and business management.

Unlike other industries, esports is a relatively new business, and most leagues and organizations allow anyone to apply. An excellent place to find jobs, especially for teens searching for experience, is through ,Hitmarker. Hitmarker features jobs from a wide range of sectors and at all levels. It's the perfect place for anyone to find a job in esports.

These opportunities offer great ways to cultivate STEM-based skills for young people. ,Vanta Leagues isn't one to shy away from developing youth through STEM. Through its recent partnership, Vanta Leagues is working "to further its vision of making esports competition and coaching accessible to everyone. Helping schools and students access esports competition and get exposure to coaching and development ensures that these programs will be sustainable".

These are only a portion of the many reasons why esports in schools is important; the list continues to go on. Esports can help children develop important cognitive skills and help college students find a career path that suits them best. Esports in schools, especially during this digital era, is the next step towards creating a brighter, more lively generation of youth.

Wondering how to integrate esports and gaming into your education? ,Visit Vanta Leagues for more information about our esports programs!

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