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Valorant Rank Distribution (and how rankings work)

Valorant Rank Distribution 

Valorant is one of the most popular competitive shooters today. The game has an average of over a million daily players grinding through its ranks. Like with any competitive game, hard losses can be discouraging. 

But even wins can make you ask questions. Are you getting better or did you just get matched against bad players? How do I measure up? Understanding rank distribution will help you answer that.


Rank & Distribution

Valorant’s ranking system is split into nine different ranks each with three divisions, aside from the rank of Radiant (the highest rank) which only has one division.

This graph is pulled from esportstales which has a more detailed breakdown of the distribution percentages and changes to the rank system. As you can see, the majority of players reside in high bronze, silver, and gold. The highest percentage of players (10.5%) are in Silver 1. Though Silver and Bronze (and even Iron at times) are no strangers to a large population of players, Gold having high percentages is new. 

This is largely due to the addition of the Ascendant rank just below Immortal. The developers did this to spread out the players a little more evenly amongst the ranks and allow for a more accurate definition of player skill at each level. 

Now you might be thinking, that’s all good to know, but how does it help? The biggest thing that understanding rank distribution helps with is setting and celebrating goals. For example, it can be pretty underwhelming to reach Silver 3 from Silver 2. But if you make it to the high end of Silver 3, you are at a better rank than 50% of people who play the game. That’s big!

This small-wins mindset is great for keeping yourself motivated, but rank distribution also helps you understand how your play matches up against those of a higher or lower rank. It can help you realize how good you have gotten and how far you have left to go. However, to know how you measure up, you’ll need more than just a knowledge of distribution. You’ll need to be able to check people’s ranks.

How to Check Someone’s Rank in Valorant

Sometimes during a game, a player will distinguish themselves with their really good or really bad play. This is when we wonder if it was just that game or if they are higher or lower rank. 

The easiest way to check this is to become friends with the player. But that might not always be what you or they want. So, here is the alternative. Go to tracker.gg, type in their username, and you will get their entire ranked history.

Not only will this let you know a player’s rank, but several aspects of their game. These include the player’s top guns, agents, maps, hitbox percentages, and the details of their last 20 matches. Tracking is an extremely useful tool for measuring yourself against those players in the ranks immediately above and below you, but it can also be a great way to gain some insight into what the best players are doing in their games. 

Tracking probably won’t be that useful if you are a beginner. But if you are new and looking for more info on how to get better at Valorant, our article on How to Play Valorant is a great intro to the gameplay. 

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