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Vanta Now Offering Free Esports Leagues for Schools

Today, youth esports organization Vanta Leagues announced that they will be offering free competitive esports leagues to schools across the United States. Now, students will have access to free competitive and club esports leagues in games such as Rocket League, VALORANT, League of Legends, and Fortnite. Throughout each twelve-week-long league, these teams will practice, improve, and represent their community as they compete for championships across the United States.

“We couldn’t be more excited to make this announcement, as it brings us one step closer to our mission to bring esports to every school and home,” says James Roche, co-founder of Vanta Leagues. “At our core, we believe esports competition should be free and accessible to all schools so they can use the power of esports as a platform to foster student growth.”

Vanta Leagues also provides trained esports coaches and state-of-the-art esports development programming for those schools interested in additional program growth. Vanta Coaches, combined with structured development programming, help provide players with a non-toxic environment while also teaching them how to maintain and improve their in-game skills and learn important life skills like teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Free leagues are now offered for schools and after school programs. Contact an esports expert at Vanta for a consultation at vanta.gg or reach out directly to Vanta Leagues at support@vanta.gg.

About Vanta Leagues

Vanta Leagues is a youth esports development platform that works with schools and community organizations to provide a kid-safe digital esports platform, competitive esports leagues, and expert coaching and holistic programming to kids ages 8-18.

Vanta is one of the safest online gamer communities for kids to find inclusion, play the games they love, and have fun while honing their skills. Vanta is on a mission to bring the power of esports to every home and eliminate the toxicity that is commonly present online by providing a safe environment and teaching the next generation of gamers how to become better gamer citizens.

Find out more on our website here: https://www.vanta.gg

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