Esports Coaching.

Through Vanta's team coaching program, esports teams can build valuable teamwork and problem-solving skills, all while improving taking their game to the next level. Whether your gamers are looking to win a championship or a scholarship, our expert coaching services are perfect for your team.


Our coaching platform

Kid-safe, COPPA compliant, and actively moderated, our platform provides the safest place for youth esports development.


Each Vanta coach has been certified through our Vanta Coach Academy. They’re vetted and trained so they know how to get the best out of your gamers.

Our coaches are experts

Vanta coaches represent the top  gamers so rest assured we only hire the best around.

developED BY

Developed by former professional athletes (traditional sports and esports), elite coaches and players, education experts and school administrators, our programming is focused on nurturing gamers fully.

Holistic esports

It’s not just about high level in-game development. We’re interested in helping gamers grow through general health and wellness, communication, social emotional learning and powerful leadership skills.

coaching that works.

Season long or just sometimes, we will provide you with a coaching solution that works for you. Book a coach now to see your games level up.

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all season ATTENTION.

Get a dedicated coach and practice from school or from home. Build the most competitive esports team around and one up on the competition with our Vanta esports curriculum built for each of our games.

More than just gaming.

Our esports training programs provide gamers with the tools they need to not only get better in-game but also to be more well rounded individuals. The program teaches skill development, communication strategy, analytical thinking skills, physical and mental wellness, and more.

MEET Our coaches.

Our coaches have years of experience leading the way in their respective games, and they bring that winning mindset to every coaching session. We believe that better coaches lead to better outcomes, and that's why we're committed to providing our gamers with the best coaches in the industry.


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