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How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite

How to Level up Fast in Fortnite (Season 3)

New seasons bring new highly sought after rewards. Each time we see a new battle pass in Fortnite, there are usually at least a few highly coveted items. With all this incentive, we face the question each new season: How do I level up fast?

Leveling up quickly hasn’t changed too much over the years. With the notable exception of XP glitches of course. But the tried-and-true methods remain pretty much the same as they were in chapters 1 and 2. We will cover these classic methods of gaining XP along with a few specific details of how they work in season 3.

Explore the Map

If you haven’t fully explored the new or old regions of the map, you definitely should. Discovering new landmarks and points of interests grants you between 1k and 4k XP. It’s a simple way to gain a level or two in the battle pass. Simply jump in a car and drive around.

Complete Easy Milestones

In addition to doing the story and weekly quests, milestones are a great way to level up in Fortnite. The key to leveling up quickly with milestones is picking the easiest to farm ones and grinding all 20 stages of it. 

The easiest milestones to get started on this season are picking fruit from the reality saplings and destroying objects while in a vehicle. The reality saplings are a semi-popular area for other players, but you should be able to pick quite a few fruits each round as long as you are careful.

The only thing easier than picking fruit is running into things with a car. You can do this no matter where you are on the map, and if you put a cow catcher on the front, you can complete multiple stages of the milestone in one game all while staying safe.

First 3 Daily Quests

This one is obvious. Daily, weekly, and story quests are the main ways to earn levels, but daily quests are unique. They only grant 1000xp each time you complete them, so grinding levels off of them is a bit of a chore. However, for the first 3 daily quests you perform, you will be given an additional 1500xp. So make sure to complete at least 3 daily quests, for your additional 4500xp, before moving on to more lucrative methods of leveling.   

Play Imposters

If you are tired of playing battle royale, the new imposters game mode is quite good for farming XP. Here is the trick: play as an agent. While maybe not as fun as being the imposter, agents have infinitely more tasks to do during the game. And every time you complete a task you get XP. This can be a fun way to change up your gaming routine but still level up your battle pass.

Save the World

People have been advising XP grinders to do quests for Save the World for a long time, so we will be short. If you are planning to spend money on Fortnite, buying Save the World mode is a much better investment than buying levels for your battle pass. It has an XP cap of 600k. You earn the same amount of XP no matter how many times you play a mission, so you can grind the same one to get good. Ride the Lightning and Inferno are two great missions to master. Earn your 600k and roll on to the next thing.

Creative mode

Creative mode has long been utilized by XP grinders to gain levels quickly. Even though Epic Games has fixed the XP glitches/exploits, Creative mode is still a great way to earn XP. 

As far as what you should play, focus on death runs, parkour maps, and elimination matches. 

Death runs and parkour maps generally provide the quickest and easiest to grind XP. Whatever modes you decide to play, make sure to switch the maps up often. The reason this will help you level is that the accolade devices you can activate on each map grant less and less XP the more it is used. This means that repeating the same map will net less and fewer XP gains.

If you are good at PVP, you can earn a lot of XP in elimination matches due to the quick respawns. If you go this route, remember that headshots generally grant triple or quadruple the normal XP for an elimination. 

Of course, this method is entirely dependent on your gun and positioning skills, so it may not be for everyone. But if you are looking to improve, check out our private coaching services.

Ultimately, playing and getting better at Fortnite is the best way to earn more XP. The higher number of wins, eliminations, and placements result in more XP gains not only for Creative elimination games but for Battle Royale as well. Good luck and happy farming!

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