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How to Get Better At Valorant

In this article, you’ll get some guidance on how to improve your skill to be a better Valorant player, whether you are playing casually or competitively. From aiming to communication, you can find something here to help hone your skills and help you enjoy the game even more.

Valorant is a massively popular free-to-play FPS that was released in 2020 and quickly became one of the world’s top games for casual and competitive playing, with a number of daily players in the millions. As with all things, skill comes practice and in this article, we take a look at different ways to improve your skill and get better at Valorant. 

How To Get Better At Aiming in Valorant

There are many things that can affect your skill at aiming and firing. A commonly overlooked piece of that puzzle is personalizing the sensitivity in your settings. You would be shocked at how much altering your sensitivity can affect your performance in your games. While some people are great at lightning quick motion, you may need a lower sensitivity to give them a steadier hand. As your skill grows, you can always adjust your sensitivity accordingly. Testing what sensitivity best suits you in the practice mode’s Shooting Test will really help you get ahead of the game. 

How To Get Better At Headshots in Valorant

A main focus for getting those coveted headshots is being aware of where the enemy may peep out around corners and obstacles and by training yourself to keep your crosshairs focused in those general areas. Familiarize yourself with the maps in practice mode and be mindful of where you are pointing even when you’re not in an active firefight. Where you’re pointed when you first engage can give you that split second advantage that gets you the shot. 

How To Become A More Efficient Player

Valorant provides many tools to push the limits as a player. First and foremost is becoming familiar with the weapons and defenses available and finding the one that works best with you and your style of gaming. While some people may dominate with a rifle, maybe being a sniper is your thing. While some people can come out of the gate swinging with an SMG, maybe you’re more suited for some stealth creeping, knifing action. Make sure to find what weapons help you excel and which… may set you behind. However, getting practice with all them is encouraged. 

Another helpful practice in efficiency is learning to utilize portals. They can be used for way more than just transporting from Point A to Point B. You can also throw items such as grenades and launch rockets through these gateways. You can also send recon items through to scan areas.

How To Communicate Effectively With Your Team in Valorant

Putting it all together means nothing without honing your skills as an effective team player. Working as a team is just as crucial as personal skill in winning a match. A good practice to have is keeping communication short and sweet. Familiarizing yourself with each map, its specific traits, and keywords to communicate information about the opposing team to your teammates as fast as possible. 

Join a Valorant team or get coaching

At Vanta, we offer coached esports leagues for gamers ages 8-18. You can also take advantage of our private coaching offering where you can get one on one coaching time with the best Valorant players and coaches out there. 

With these simple steps guiding you in the right direction, you are sure to step up your Valorant game.

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