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Whether you’re a school looking to compete or an academic or athletic association looking to build a private league or conference, we can provide you with the end to end solution you need.

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A one-stop shop for youth esports development 

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COPPA compliant platform, comprehensive coach and moderator screening and training creates a safe and trusted space for learning and development

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Trained esports coaches who can take your team to the next level with our certified programming

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Vanta’s dedicated support team is with you every step of the way. From promotion to competition, we’re there to help.

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Manage your program on a kid-safe platform. We've got all the features you need to make your program run smoothly. 

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Foster student growth

Social emotional development

Reinforce learning objectives

Engage your students

Increase engagement

Reach underserved population

Build a better esports program

Coaching and supervision


Holistic development curriculum

“Esports isn’t the ‘next big thing,’ it’s the current big thing.” 

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You're kids are already gaming. Take advantage of the one of the most powerful development opportunities of this generation...esports. Your kids will love you.