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The first true youth esports developmental league for kids (ages 8-18)

Who we are

Vanta Leagues is a youth esports league that helps gamers get better at the games they love. Level up and learn from expert coaches, compete for clout and prizes, and participate in engaging community events—all in a safe, moderated environment. 

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Get coached by the best. Compete for esports glory! 

Lock in your spot for Spring Youth Esports Developmental League
April 4th to June 4th // Ages 8 - 15 // All Skill Levels Welcome
  • Play the top esports titles: Rocket League, Valorant, League of Legends, Fortnite

  • Get the best esports coaching and level up your game 

  • Improve with consistent practice, competitions, and coaching

  • Access to esports development programming for in-game skill and leadership development 

  • Practice and compete: 2 practices a week (M/W or T/Th) and game on Saturdays

  • Safe, supervised gaming environment

  • Ongoing moderated community events, including esports camp, tournaments, "open gym" gaming nights, influencer events, charity events, and more!

How our leagues work

Year-round access to youth esports development and community

Seasonal Leagues

4 seasonal leagues - Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer - and include 8 weeks of league play, including playoffs!


We provide trained, expert esports coaches so you can get the practice you need to level up your game.


Compete for clout and prizes and invite your friends and family to watch your live-streamed match. 

Year-round Events

Access to community events, including Camps, Tournaments, Open Gym Nights, Minecraft, Influencer events, and more!

Year-round gaming with your favorite titles

Get expert coaching and level up your game all year with our seasonal esports leagues, camps, and off-season activities.

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Ready to take your game to the next level?


My favorite part of Vanta Leagues is the coaches because they really teach you how to actually become better at the game instead of other platforms. I think that is also my favorite part about Vanta because they are really understanding and considerate.

—  Vanta Leagues Player

Our Games

Rocket League • Valorant • League of Legends • Fortnite • Minecraft

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Our esports platform has a place for everyone

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Expert coaching • Competitive Leagues • Training Programs

A better way to level up

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Vanta's Esports Program for Schools

Community. Competition. Development.

We offer an organized, season-long amateur esports league experience — led by our trained, expert coaches.


  • Seasonal esports leagues and camps

  • Program management, customer support, moderation, and coaching

  • Year-round community engagement 

  • Vetted, trained, expert coaching 

  • Holistic player development curriculums 

Foster student

Social emotional development

Reinforce learning objectives

Our program is more than just an esports league. Our program focuses on social emotional learning and important development of life skills, helping reinforce your learning objectives. 

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Online Class

Engage students outside the classroom

Increase engagement

Reach underserved population

What happens when your students leave school? Offer your kids a program that helps increase engagement in your community and reaches a traditionally underserved population of students. 

Build a better esports

Coaching and supervision


Holistic development curriculum

We make it easy for you to build an effective esports program. We provide vetted, trained coaches, moderators, a development curriculum that focus on in-game skill and soft-skill development...and of course, other teams to compete against. 

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Have you thought about esports for your school?

Did you know that there are over 200 colleges that offer esports scholarships? Esports is a great pathway to college and career development.