Support your kids passion

Your kids are already gaming. Ensure they get the best. Get access to best coaching and the best training - and ensure your kids are having fun in a safe, moderated environment.  

Give your gamer the advantage

In-game development

Soft-skill development

Give your kids the best opportunity to flourish. Join an esports league with expert coaching and training programs. Help them improve their game and learn the right way - through expert coaching and development programming.  

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Gain peace of



Rest easy knowing your kids are participating in a program that that prioritizes safety and supervision. Our coaches are thoroughly vetted and trained, our esports platform is kid-safe, and we moderate all our gaming activities. 

Access to an inclusive, growing community 

Play with friends

Make new friends

Vanta Leagues is more than just an esports league. Our growing community of gamers gives an opportunity for your gamer kid to thrive with their peers who share the same passions.

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Why parents trust Vanta

We are parents, so we know how important it is to have your child in good hands.

That's why we go to extreme lengths to focus on development and safety. 

Youth esports. Support their passion