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Esports Offerings

With competitive gameplay, the top esports titles, access to vetted and trained esports coaches, and a kid-safe digital platform, Vanta has what you need to take your game to the next level


Vanta’s free-to-play youth esports leagues.

  • Ages 8-18, all skill levels 

  • Seasonal leagues (Fall, Spring)

  • Top esports titles 

Esports Coaching 
For Teams

Access vetted, expert esports coaches to lead your team 

  • Trained, expert esports coaches

  • Proprietary gamer development programming

  • Dedicated account management and operations


A structured, coached camp experience for youth gamers

  • Trained, vetted coaching

  • Targeted skill development

  • Build character 


The coaching you need to take your game to the next level

  • Get your game assessed by an expert coach

  • Customized coaching experience

  • Improve in your favorite games

Want to build your own private esports experience for your members?

Book a consultation with an esports expert to learn more about a custom esports solution for your school district or organization. 

Safety & Security 

Vanta partners with schools, districts, educational and athletic associations, community orgs, and parents to provide a safe space for kids to game, learn, and have fun.


Vanta complies with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) which protects children under 13, and goes further by extending COPPA protections to all children on platform.

Safe & Secure Digital Platform

Our platform and policies were designed to create a safe and trusted space for learning and development. And our dedicated Operations, Coaching, and Moderations teams help support a safe learning environment for everyone.

Coach & Moderator Screening & Training

Vanta diligently reviews the background of every coach and moderator on our platform. Additionally, coaches and moderators are trained extensively before they can participate on our platform.

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