Middle school esports fall season.

Set up free teams for your middle school and start competing with other organizations across the United States, today. Fall season starts September 26th - build your esports program with Vanta, and get your students competing in their age range and at their skill level for free.

How it works.


Create an account.

Get started for free and set up your account. If you want some advice, let’s talk. One of our experts will be happy to share more on how build a sustainable esports program that fosters gamer growth.


Assemble your team.

Call in the troops. Get the word out to your gamers and invite everyone to the party. It’s a safe and inclusive space where you can assemble as many teams as you want and sign-up to our leagues.


Rise up the ranks.

Build your team, inspire future talent, get the best out of each other and compete with teams across the United States. Play virtually or in-person, against other Middle schools in league or in conference.

for 50% of our gamers, vanta was the first time they took part in an after school program in middle school.

Your program for free.

It’s free because it's important to make esports accessible to schools and gamers alike. And by free, we mean free - registration, creating teams, competing in Vanta’s leagues against other organizations across the US, building your program - is all free. There’s the option to invest in coaching too, if you want to take things to the next level.

Free, structured competition.

We provide safe, structured, competitions where your team can test itself, for free. We call them Vanta Leagues, and they follow regular sports formats. Each esports title has a series of conferences based on gamer ages - this is where you’ll compete against other organizations from across the United States. Do well in your conference standings and your school is heading for the play-offs - and the chance to win that elusive Vanta-Squid trophy!

Play nice and go far.

No bullies, baddies or nasties. We put an adult in the room to up the levels of respect and leave toxic behaviour at the door. Vanta was founded as a direct response to cyberbullying and our goal is to build gamers of character who can become good citizens who go far. We want to positively impact the gaming world by creating safe and inclusive spaces where kids are protected. Where they can have fun, make friends and grow together.

Go further with coaching.

Vanta coaches are at the top of their game (top 10% in the U.S.) and they are trained at our Vanta Academy, where we turn the best gamers into the best coaches. The Academy keeps standards high and means our coaches are also supported to be the best they can be.

strength in numbers.

of players game improved

“We know that middle schoolers are increasingly spending their time gaming with friends, and that can cause concerns for schools as to how they can support them engaging in that online world in a safe way. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Vanta to showcase how esports can be safely and productively integrated as a school-based activity for middle school students.

We can’t wait to see students from around the country having fun together while also developing real-world skills like teamwork, communication, and critical thinking.”

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